Student Preparation for Recital

We are just a few days away from our Spring Recitals. Students should be practicing their pieces daily, and shifting from “practice mode” to “performance mode.” What does that mean? When we practice, we stop and fix mistakes whenever they occur. However, when we are performing in front of an audience, the opposite is true. Although no one likes to make mistakes, they happen. It is very important for the performer not to freeze in the event of a missed note or a forgotten passage. Instead, the performance must continue as if nothing had happened. Since ignoring our mistakes when we play the piano is counterintuitive to practicing, which is what we do most of the time, performing and ignoring those pesky mistakes must also be practiced.

So, take the time to conduct a couple of mock performances at home this week. You can get some friends together, and play for them. Don’t forget to bow at the beginning and at the end of your performance. It is also very important to perform once while wearing the same clothes (including shoes!) that you will be using during the recitals.

Good Luck and Happy Performing!


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