Living with Music – More than Just once a Week

Students at KNPS enjoy a weekly lesson, which varies in length according to their level of accomplishment, from 30 to 60 minutes. In addition, there are recitals and master classes in which they perform throughout the year. However, we must remember that the study of a musical instrument is much like studying a foreign language in that, the best way to become fluent is to move to the country where that language is spoken for a period of time.

So, how does one move to “music land” in order to become proficient at an instrument? Simple! You live in a city like Tallahassee, which boasts a tremendous amount of cultural opportunities, and you actually take advantage of those opportunities. Did you know that just the Florida State University College of Music offers close to 500 recitals every year? Most of these, by the way, are free, or at a very low cost.

You should encourage your student to attend at least a recital every month. What instrument is being used at the recital, is not as important. Piano students should not only attend piano recitals. Discovering the wonders of an orchestra, the mystique of a Chinese music ensemble, or the fun of a percussion recital, are all eye-openers for musicians.

In order to facilitate this, KNPS’ website ( now features a calendar with all of the events of the FSU College of Music. Just click on “Upcoming Events” on top of the calendar.

Other local music organizations that wish for KNPS’s website to feature their calendar, should contact us at:


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