Education Seminars at KeyNotes Piano Studio

At KNPS, educational opportunities do not end at the end of each private, one-on-one lesson. 

Students have the chance to interact with nationally and internationally renowned figures in the world of classical music, psychology, and other music-related fields. Most activities are free of charge, while some require a nominal fee.

Some Examples of Educational Seminars

-Field trips to the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra and the Tallahassee Youth Symphony Orchestra concerts and rehearsals, as well as selected recitals.

-Masterclasses with nationally renowned pianists.

-Workshops with some of the nation’s best piano technicians. Learn how a piano works, how to take care of it, and what you should be looking at when you consider the purchase of a new instrument.

-Meetings with world-renowned psychologists, covering topics such as what goes into becoming an expert in a field, and how to manage performance anxiety.

For more information about these unique educational opportunities, please consult our calendar.