At KeyNotes Piano Studio, I recognize that not all students are the same, and that every student requires a unique approach. That is why my tuition structure is based on a range guided by many factors.

Young, beginner students with no prior history of study are usually placed in 30-45 minute weekly lessons, while students who are in more advanced levels, may take an hour or more. The types and complexity of music, the levels and approaches to theory, and the lesson planning involved for a more advanced student require a different approach from the instructor. Additionally, some students may also face particular difficulties or need specialized techniques.

Because there is no single approach to teaching that will satisfy every student’s needs, and each student will require a different amount of the instructor’s time, skills, and experience, there can be no one price for lessons.

And because I believe that music study needs to be done with a teacher and student who meet each others’ needs and personality, the introductory evaluation is always free. If you study with me at KeyNotes and find that we are not a good fit, I encourage you to find another instructor. It is vital that your relationship with your music instructor be a good one. You should look forward to seeing me each week.

Lessons at KeyNotes start at $120 a month. KeyNotes does not charge by the lesson, but by the month. This means that a month with five (5) lesson days in it will be the same price as one with four (4). But $100 is just a part of a range. For some students, the price of lessons is higher according to their level and needs.

Regardless, tuition includes access to master classes, competitions, recitals in professional venues, biyearly evaluations, and all other KeyNotes activities and services throughout the year.

Tuition is competitive with other area studios and extra curricular activities,  and students in need of financial help have the option of applying for scholarships.

Contact me any time.  Tuition will be prorated if you begin lessons part way through the month.

It is my policy not to charge any registration fees.

I accept multiple forms of payment for tuition, including cash, checks, Venmo, and credit cards. Payment plans are available.

Finally, it has been my long-standing policy to honor the same tuition amount that transfer students paid their former instructors. What this means is that, if your current instructor relocates, I will honor, within reason, the same tuition rate that you were paying.

At KeyNotes, students are not merely numbers on a page. They are not the tuition they pay. Each student is a unique individual with specific and, to me, important needs. Please speak to your instructor about tuition if you have questions. I will be more than happy to help in every way I can. Your music education is my greatest goal.

My Students Are My Passion. Contact me today, and I will show you.

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