Local Festivals

I offer my students plenty of opportunities to participate in adjudicated performance opportunities in the Tallahassee and surrounding areas.

Tallahassee Sonata- Sonatina Festival This festival showcases local piano students, performing the ubiquitous sonata form, which has been used in music for centuries as a composing roadmap. The event is beautifully organized by the Tallahassee Music Teachers Association every February. Its second edition took place on February 23, 2019. Five KeyNotes Piano Studio’s students won first prices in their levels. Congratulations to: Penelope F, Ana B, Mary Allison M, Rory S, and Sheba S. Bravas!

Learn more about sonata form.

District Student Day – Organized by the Tallahassee Music Teachers Association, following the guidelines of the Florida Music Teachers Association, DSD offers a rigorous, graded adjudication program, culminating in an Honors Recital one week after the event, for students picked by the judges. Typically takes place in early May.

National Piano Guild Auditions – Provide a yearly, flexible, and comprehensive assessment of piano skills. Auditions are held in mid-May in Tallahassee and most U.S. cities.