A limited number of scholarships are available each year for deserving students. A student becomes initially eligible after twelve months of study. The following scholarships are currently available:

  • The Whole Note Scholarship: The student is awarded full tuition for three months.
  • The Half Note Scholarship: the student is awarded 50% of tuition for three months.
  • The Quarter Note Scholarship: The student is awarded 25% percent of tuition for three months.

Scholarships also include a diploma (suitable for framing) honoring the student for receipt of the scholarship. Scholarships do not cover lesson materials (books, etc.).

While holding a scholarship, the student must:

  • Uphold the same standards of conduct and excellence that she displayed before the award
  • Perform in the two yearly recitals.
The Scholarship Evaluation Process

As part of determining scholarship qualifications, each prospective recipient is given a comprehensive examination during a regularly scheduled lesson. The exam tests the knowledge of all material covered during the preceding twelve months. 

A committee of three parents of former scholarship recipients, a former scholarship recipient, an independent music teacher, and the instructor will review each applicant’s written application, essay, test scores, and recordings. 

The panel members volunteer their time to make the process as objective and unbiased as possible. For the student to be awarded the scholarship, all of the committee must vote unanimously.

Scholarship consideration is by invitation only. Students and parents are contacted regarding the application process by the beginning of November. The application process is free of charge. Any parent wishing to volunteer for the committee should contact me. Parents whose students are currently being considered for a scholarship may not volunteer for the committee. 

Scholarship winners are announced each year during the awards ceremony at the June Recital.