Students at KeyNotes Piano Studio have some of the most sophisticated learning tools available today at their disposal. I was an early adopter of music-learning technology to aid in the education and growth of musicians. I have been utilizing computer technology to teach since the mid 90’s, and was exposed to it since it first became available during my formative years as a musician and teacher.
Technology at KNPS

From the use of midi accompaniments to programs that enhance and hone memorization techniques, to sight-reading, music history and appreciation, and composition, I am uniquely experienced in the technology that 21st century music students need in order to succeed.

Software programs used at KNPS, and available to students include:

I also often use iPads and laptops during lessons in order to keep students interested. While the students use the technology to learn, they do not do so in a vacuum. I work with the student, using the technology to create a coached atmosphere in which students receive feedback both technologically and personally.

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