Don't Have a Piano?

At KeyNotes Piano Studio, my ultimate goal is to make music available to as many young (and young-at-heart) minds as possible. This is because I realize the vital role that music study makes in braindevelopment in all age groups.

I acknowledge, however, that not everyone can afford to spend several thousands of dollars in a piano.

Although every piano student should try to eventually purchase a quality acoustic piano, my philosophy is that it is better to begin lessons with a keyboard, than not begin lessons at all.

Rent to Play

That is why I created a dynamic, new program, which I call Rent to Play. Using this program, students (or their families) who do not have a piano, can rent-to-own a keyboard. The cost of the keyboard is divided into flexible monthly payments and billed as part of the cost of the piano lessons. At the end of the contract term, the student owns the keyboard.

I do not charge interest.

Please contact the studio for further information.