About My Reward System:

Many piano studios reward their students for consistent practice, completion of levels, and attendance, and performance in recitals and masterclasses. Students earn points from each of the areas and are presented an award at the Winter and Spring recitals.

Although consistent practice and performance are vital to the development of any musician, music cannot be taught in a bubble, where students are just making and enjoying music for themselves and their parents.

That is the reason why I reward my students for sharing music with others and being involved in the world of music.

Students who play their instrument in retirement homes, school functions, share their knowledge of music with a friend, sibling or parent, or who attend music performances in their community, receive rewards, and are recognized at the Spring Recital.

Students Can Earn Points As Follows:

Students earn points as follows:

50 points – Awarded for playing at a retirement home.

25 points – Awarded for performance in a school music-related function (talent show, for instance).

20 points – Awarded for attending a musical performance in their community (A copy of the concert or recital program is required for credit).

20 points – Awarded for every four lessons taught to a friend, sibling, or parent.

Music Awards:

100 points – Ribbon

150 – Music Pin

200 – Medal

250 – Small Trophy

300 – Large Trophy

400 – Plaque

*Students must perform in the Spring Recital to receive an award