A piano is an extremely complex piece of machinery, which contains up to 12,000 parts. Just like a car, or any other machine, it requires periodical maintenance. If these needs are neglected, they can easily lead to costly repairs. A piano should be tuned at least two times per year. In Tallahassee, I recommend three piano technicians:

Anne Garee (850) 556-1213

Rick Whethersby (850) 385-1155

Jim’s Pianos (850) 205-5467

The Piano Technician’s Guild Website offers valuable information on piano care, repairs, and maintenance.


Here is some essential advice for the care of your piano:

  • Have a registered piano technician (RPT) tune and regulate it twice a year, whether it is being played or not.
  • If you can, locate your piano next to an indoor wall, instead of a wall that faces the outdoors.
  • Never locate your piano next to, under, or over a heating or air conditioning vent.
  • Keep windows and doors shut. Changes in humidity are a piano’s biggest enemy.